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In Denmark they have introduced a credit card, which you have to use if you want to use public transport in any part of Denmark. In Denmark the government adds 180 percent of the price of the car in taxes before you can buy it in a shop, so most Danes cannot afford a car of their own. Most who drive a car do either buy a used company car or they are employed by a company which provides them with a car so they can do their jobs.

The idea of a nationwide credit card for public transport is very good. You avoid robberies because there are no money on busses and trains. In Denmark every 10th prisoner in our prisons are people from eastern Europe, who have come here since the iron curtain disappeared to rob us because they are poor and we have somewhat more money.

However it has taken more than 10 years to develop this card and now where they have introduced it, we as consumers are cheated.

First the discounts for travelers who use the card often are not functioning. The pricelist is more than 7 pages and if you live in the capital of Denmark - Copenhagen - you don't get a reduced price regardless how many trips you make. For the time being I am in discount group 7 where a short trip costs 2 dollars and 40 cent. If I travel every day I will end up in discount group 1 where the cost of a trip will be 2 dollars and 40 cent!

If I buy the present ID-card for a full month of travel it costs 57 dollars and 63. The daily cost of traveling on a typical work month is 2 dollars and 88 cent. You even get one card for free every year if you sign up for a full year.

So the cost of traveling will more than double once all the old types of cards are redrawn next year.

All of my co-workers are talking of buying a car, but in Denmark the price of fuel are 5 times higher than in the States and there are private parking firms operating and cheating the drivers. Those who drive claim that not even war and hunger abroad is as bad as being a private car owner in Denmark.

Using the new travel card is difficult and complex. You have to sign in on a machine with a blue display where they have displayed "In" with small letters. If you change from train to bus you have to sign in once more. Once you want to exit the system, you have to sign out on a similar machine in the same color where they have written "out" in the display. Because all the machines look alike and they only use very small letters it is easy to make a mistake and register in instead of register out. It set you back 8 dollars and 60 cents if you make that mistake and it is one of reasons why most people don't dare to use the system. I work in a firm where we have to guide clients to new jobs. In fact we are contracted by the public services to see to that their clients are getting new jobs. It is not an easy task if the jobs available demands that they clients have to travel by public transport to get there. I have clients who break down and start crying when they learn that they have to use public transport due to this new complicated travel card.

Why don't complain when the system are so full of errors and malfunctions?

Well, it you write to the email-address of their customer service which is found on every single page on their webpage, you get an email back where it is stated that the email-account is closed so they can improve their customer-service.

The problem is that they have a monopoly on travel cards in Denmark. You cannot avoid using them if you want to use public transport in Denmark.

That is why I am pissed. Buying a car and pay 180 percent of the price of a car in taxes before you can enter behind the wheels is not an option. Using public transport is not an option. We as hardworking and taxpaying citizens are cheated once again.

I will urge all people to avoid coming to Denmark to work or visiting us as a tourist. It is too expensive.

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